The very lonely Centipod

2018 / Seulmir Yu , Brianna Butler-Gallie, Maddison Hargreaves, Rimo Ribechini, Narelle McAllum, Abigail Spence

City / Moon

Team 14 The Very Lonly Centipod Presso-FA-01.jpg

'The very lonely Centipod'  is a group project that won the first prize in the 24 hour competition by SANNZ.

24 hour competition is a competition that literally starts and finishes one given project within 24 hours with people who you never met before.

The given project was to design a distorpian city on earth. 

'The very lonely Centipod'  is a conceptual city in a possible distorpian future.
The city is designed multiple arthropod-like structures which preserves the lost places on earth.

We thought making a comic book would be perfect to tell the stories of the project.
And this is how an architecture project and a comic book 'the very lonely Centipod' was created.