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2020 / Seulmir Yu ,  Eric Lee, Geonhee Park, Derek Jung

Public facility / The Mexico–United States barrier 

Umwelt Final-01.jpg

Bee Breeders Competiton - First Contact competitoin.

“What was left yesterday becomes the present of the future.”

We welcome you to the “Umwelt.” Here, we preserve the yesterday and explore the ongoing communication towards the future. 
Within our fast-growing wide society, various types of cultures and world views exist. Due to this fact, the world we each individual perceive, the umwelt, are all different. Therefore, such a universal language was required between humanity and aliens and between people to people. 
Humanity’s essence derives from the ground. We have begun and ended our short journey of lives from the soil and to the ground. We associate with clay very closely as humanity has built; designed; informed; stored; symbolized, and utilized our essence of lives within the clay, creating layers of history. Hence, clay has been one of the fundamental elements used throughout the journey of humanity. 
“Umwelt” offers a space that allows a different approach to communication. Communication has always been and will be reshaped according to the need and the generation. Hence, communication ages with time and people. With clay, people can play and shapeshift according to their perception with the topic of “how would you describe a universal communication?” Using clay’s malleable tendency enables this extensive communication between people to people. As in every model, an individual will encounter layers of memorial history left in the past, ready to be explored and altered for the future. This process is a constant development that matures over time in consideration with people and almost metaphors humanity’s continuous evolution of communication in one single space.   
Correspondingly, this architecture uses such a sophisticated scheme as it utilized a perfect integration of positive and negative spaces within “two independent walls.” Each wall has eight openings that allow people to express their creativity towards the topic suggested to modify and rework the clay models that continuously journey around the architecture. The “Umwelt” gathers these pieces of information under one structure to share and understand each other’s story and worldviews to communicate. Thus, creating a “Universal Communication” that is continuously being developed and transformed by human activity. This method not only establishes an existential space for people but leaves and makes a message towards the aliens of us as humanity wishing to communicate and sympathize with them. Hence, it would enable them to learn about our most significant achievement, communication, through this architecture. 

We are the clay: Clay becomes us; Layers of clay become the exhibition for the future. 


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